Nikol Petrova is a cute little girl who likes Friendship Is Magic, which has overall 9 seasons and many spin-offs.
Nikol Petrova

Full name

Nikol Valentinova Petrova




My Little Pony, unicorns, glitter, cats, strawberries, the number 8, Lori


Being called ugly, horror movies, bees, dentists, Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, ads




Petya Petrova (mother) Valentin Petrov (father) Ivy (cousin) Grandma (grandmother)

Niki was born on September 28, 2009 in the hospital. She was 1 years old and she stayed in the hospital bed for a few weeks before she and her family left. After she grew up, she started going to kindergarden. She met lots of new friends and started to have a conversation with them. When she walked in 1st grade, her previous enemy was a boy named Victor. She and Victor started to fight. After their fight, they began to chat with each other. After Niki sat next to Victor, he started to have a common relationship. Niki was a bit shy, but she told him that everything was okay. Niki then began 2nd grade, which was cute but suddenly she met another boy named Ceco. He wasn't nice to Niki but they had a relationship. Niki sat next to Ceco, although he was a spoiled brat. Niki didn't like the way Ceco was acting so she tried to calm him down. The little boy kept screaming untill he stopped. Niki started 3rd grade, and this time she sat next to Yoni. Yoni loved doing TikToks and Niki was annoyed. Yoni and Niki had a relationship which was pretty well. After Niki finished 3rd grade, she started 4th grade.

Niki also has a pet cat named Lori.

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