Magical Kitten Cure is the 13th episode of the 3rd season in My Little Beanie Boos. The 5 kitty friends have swapped their destinies, but Niki can turn them back to normal! The episode begins with Niki singing Morning in Kittenville, when suddenly she noticed Cartoon Network Logo with Mimi's swapped destiny. CN says that she's not very good at the weather, and everykitten started panicking. Niki then asks CN where is Mimi, and Cartoon Network Logo says that she is at Disney Channel Logo's cottage. Niki opens the door and sees a very depressed Mimi. Niki then visits the cupcake resturant, where Disney is there. Niki visits Sweet Strawberry Acres, where TutoTOONS Unicorn has Nick's swapped destiny. Finally, Niki visits CN's dress shop, where Nickelodeon Logo is trying to make dresses. The 5 friends sing What My Destiny Is Telling Me. Niki then returns her friends' destinies back to normal by singing A True, True Cat. The 5 kitty friends are happy that Niki turned then back to normal. Niki then reveals her shoes and the kitty friends are amazed. The Mane Kittens then hug each other and Rebbeca comes to see Niki. He says that her friends' destinies are brought back again and that he belives in cats. Niki then says I love my friends! at the end of the episode.

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