HairStyle Game is a game based off of Elephant Productions. There is Cartoon Network Logo sitting in the middle, preparing for a haircut. There are 3 options: Feed, Brush and Cut. We start with Feed, the snack option. A carrot falls next to CN and gets excited about it. She then takes a bite of the carrot without choking. Next option is Brush, the cute option. Cartoon Network Logo goes to pick up the hairbrush, in which she starts to brush her hair with it. The final option is Cut, the dangerous option. CN picks up some scissors to cut her hair with, but drops the scissors and catches them perfectly. She accidently cuts the tip of her tounge, leading it to bleed. She then starts panicking as the blood begins pouring out of her tounge. The cat tries to reattach her tounge, but it does not work. She gives one cute smile before falling down, face first. The hair salon closes, with the cat's dead body still in there.

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