Narrator: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Cuteworld, there was a boy named Rebecca and a unicorn named Rainbow Donut. The kittens played in his wonderful day, and slept in her beautiful night. One day the unicorn refused to lower the moon. And that is how she became resentful. Rebecca used the Elements Of Fun to defeat her and then banished her in the moon. Niki: I've heard of the Elements Of Fun. But where?


[theme song] {Niki runs to the fields. She sees MLP Logo and Sprite Logo blocking her path. Niki gasps.} My Little Pony Logo: Hi there, Niki! I was wondering if you can come to Coca-Cola Logo's birthday party! Niki: Sorry, i have to read books at the moment. My Little Pony Logo: I think she is more interested in books than friends. Sprite Logo: I agree.

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