Friendship Is Toys Part 1 is the first episode of My Little Beanie Boos. When Niki discovers new friends, it is up to her to destroy Rainbow Donut's darkness! Niki reads a book about the cat elements, and tries to find new friends to help with the Elements Of Fun. She walks and sees My Little Pony Logo and Sprite Logo. Both kittens invite Niki to Coca-Cola Logo's birthday party, but she doesn't have to go since she has to read books. Niki then runs away and goes to read books. My Little Pony Logo says that Niki is more interested in books that friends. Sprite Logo agrees. Niki tells Cutie that she has to be quick before Rainbow Donut's darkness comes and everykitten will be frightened. Cutie then writes a note to Rebbeca, and Niki is still scared about the darkness. She and Cutie go to meet Baby Unicorn. Niki nervously replies "Hello..." to her, but she gasps and runs away. Niki says this was unexpected. She then meets Nickelodeon Logo. After Niki ate too much strawberries, she meets Mimi. She performs a kitty rainboom but messes up Niki's hair. Niki then meets CN. After the haircut she meets Disney Channel Logo. The 6 friends then go to the unicorn meeting. Everybody screams because Rainbow Donut scared them. She says that everykitten should fear her and that the night will last forever.

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