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Introduction Edit

One of the great artists of the early Italian Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli is best known for his paintingBotticelli was born Alessandrodi Mariano dei Filipipi in 1444 in Florence, Italy. They think Botticelli got his name from his eldest brother, who was nick named "IL Botticello," or "The Barrel." Sandro was very well educated from a early age, rather educated in painting, then anything. He first learned to paint from a goldsmith, and then later was taught under Fra Filippo Lippi. Under Lippi, he painted frescoes in the Prato Catherdral.

Importance of this person Edit

The importance of Sandro was how influential his paintings were. One of the big highlights of his "career" was when he went to Rome in 1481 to 1482, he painteed frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Botticelli became so amazed by ancient art in Rome that he painted ancient peices in frescoes, which made him so unquie. Botticelli mainted a very wealthy lifestyle running his studio for decades. He died in Florence, Italy in May 17, 1510. His death was right around the same time of the Medici's reign coming to an end. In a away his death signifyed the death of a amazing artist, but also the the end of the control the Medici had across Italy.

Primary Source Quotation Edit

...He earned a great deal of money but wasted all of it badly through poor management and carelessness. Finally, after he had grown old and useless and had to walk with two canes... he died sick and decrepit, at the age of seventy-eight...." (Vasari)


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