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Isabella I  Edit

Introduction Edit

Isabella I was born in 1451, Isabella was the only daughter of juan II, ruler of Castile fron 1406 to 1454. Her half brother was Enrique IV, Who ruled Castile after his father died, from 1454 to 1474. Isabella was Enrique's heir, he had planned on marrying her but she violently objected. In 1469 she married her second cousin Ferdinand, heir of the king of Aragon. They had five children john, Isabella, Juana, Maria, and Catherine (Catherine of Aragon). She died on November 26, 1504, shortly after Columbus returned from his 4th voyage.

Importance Edit

In 1486, Christopher Columbus was seeking financial backing for his search for a shorter route to Asia. His idea excited her imagination, but all of her funds were being funneled into the war. During the next ten years she funded four voyages to thye new world. Isabella I was one of the most powerful queens.Isabella became the quartermaster and financier of the army. She visited camps to encourage the soldiers to establish field hospitals and front line emergency tent hospitals. It became known as Queen's Hospitals. Isabella is remembered for her support for Columbus. She was also remembered as a great patron of literature, the arts, and the Catholic Church.

Quotation Edit

" The distance is great from the firm belief to the relization from concrete experience" Isabella I

Citations Edit

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