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Henry VIII the quintessential image of a king, determined to make England one of the geat european powers and to ensure the continuation of the Tudor dynasty begun by his father, Henry VII. During his reign, Henry Founded the Chirch of England, forged a strong role for England in European politics, amd encouraged a new role for thr British parliament in governing the country.

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Born at Greenwich on June 28, 1491, Henry was the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth  of York. Henry's elder brother died unexpectally in 1502. leaving Henry heir to the throne. HenryVIII had succesfully ended  the destructivecivil wars that plagued England throughout the 15th century and created an england united under the tudor throne. Henry VIII inherited not only the kingdom, but also his brother's widow, Catherine of aragon, daughter of ferdinand and isabella of spain.

Importance of Henry VIII Edit

Henry concentrated on increasing England's prestige among the countries of Europe and securing heir.

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