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=== communication revolutions of the 15th-18th centuries ===

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In the 15th century, Europeans made advances that allowed for a communications revolution. And the communications revolution was started by a Gutenberg's printing press.

Johannes Gutenberg was a jeweler and stonecutter.

In 1405,he was the first to prove that the new form of printing was practicable. A Printing Press is a machine on which metal type is organized against a flat surface. In order to get a paper printed, a paper must be put in between the metal types and the cylinder lever that would come down.

His first major work was the Gutenberg Bible also known as the 42-line Bible that Gutenberg produced in 1455.


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  Printing had a long history outside of Europe before the 15th history. Chinese had already developed printing techniques. In 1403, Korea made more extensively developed the typography. It arrived in Europe through the Arab traders. But at the time, the printing were disappointing. Beacause the process was difficult, and the quality was often poor.

  Then in the 15th century,Gutenburg developed the pinting press itself, a concept that had never been developed in Asia.

  It was very important because it had become a basic part of life and made information available to a much larger segment of European society.

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"His invention marked an 'industial revolution' in the history of printing and a great leap forward in the press industry of China." - Kang Baoshan

"What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind." - Wendell Phillips


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