EL GRECO, The Greek Spanish Artist


El Greco was a Greek painter who was born in 1541, and died in 1614. Throughout his life he lived in Greece and Italy and had one son. His real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos, but was to hard to say, so people called him El Greco


El Greco was recognized as the first great painter of the Spanish school of art, and had his own unique style which was from the Venetion and Byzantine painters.

1570-El Greco traveled to Rome, where he painted Christ Healing the Blind

El Grecos most famous painting, The Burial of Count Orgaz

1578-Moved to spain, and fathered his first son,Jorge Manuel, but did not marry his mother

1577-Painted The Allegory of the Holy League to attract the attention of King Phillip II

1580-King Phillip II commisioned him to paint an altar peice for the Colegio de Dona Maria de Aragon, but did not like it and soon had it painted over.

1603-Painted the altars of The Hospital of Charity in Toledo. The painting is called St. Ildefonso

1614-El Greco's final painting at The Hospital of St. John Extra Muros, but couldnt finish it. He died without completing it.

El Greco was not only known for his unique style, but also for his creativity with colors. For example, The Pieta, was famous for the rich colors of the peoples robes and the color of Mary Magdelinas hair, and the faint color of Christ captures the true emotion of the painting. He was also famouse for using elongated figures, selecting only vibrant color, ehtereal backgrounds, and figures brought dramaticaly into the foreground.


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