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Edward VI was born October 12, 1537. He was son of King Henry VIII and his thrid wife Jane Seymour, who had died 12 days after his birth. He was King of England and Ireland from 1547 to 1553.
Edward VI

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Edward VI became King of England and Ireland at age 9 after his father, King Henry VIII died. After Henry married his sixth wife, Catherine Parr, he was reunited with his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth. Who were later known as Mary I and Elizabeth I. Edward learned many things. In addition to his academics, he also learned riding, archery, and to play music. Before Henry's death, he had established a Council of Regency to guide Edward as he became King of England. Edward was later diagnosed with tuberculosis. He first showed signs of it in the early 1553, but to prevent the anticipated return of Catholicism under his half-sister Mary, he put aside Henry's will and the Succession Act of 1544 to remove Mary from the succession. He soon died on July 6, 1553 age 15, and his half-cousin Jane Grey ruled for nine days until she was over thrown by Mary I, who became queen and restored Catholic doctrines.

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