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Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII.  She was born of the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand V and Isabella I on December 16, 1845.  Catherines life started during one of the most complicated eras in Spanish history.  During the first six years of her life, Catherine experienced the Spanish Reconquista; Isabella exposed her youngest daughter to military campaigning.  Also, she brought up in training necessary to sereve as the next generation of queens. 

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Catherine of Aragon is most famous beause of her marrige to Henry VIII.  Although, before she married him, she was the wife of Henry's older brother; Henry VII, king of England.  Catherine had been betroved to Henry VII since she was mearly three years old.  When she was finally old enough, Catherine set sail for England on October 2, 1501 and married at St. Paul's Cathedral near a month after her arrival. 

England greeted their new princess warmly; listening to her ideas, and believing she cared and wanted to be a great queen in this new country. 

The reality of life for Catherine during fall season, 1501 and spring season of 1509 was dramaticaly different.  King Arthur died just five months after her marrige to Henry VII, he had never consummated their relationship.  On top of that, Catherine's downry payments from Spain were late!  Because of this, Henry VII blamed Catherine and her father and mistreated her as a result in punishment.  From then on, Catherine's life in England was all down hill.  Henry VII agreed to another marrige arangemrnt in 1503 and began neglecting Catherine and their son; Henry, Duke of York, the English King. 

Also, her father-in-law ignored her, didn't care for her, and failed to provide for her, so Catherine was alone caring for both herself and her son.

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"Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII, King of England.  The life story of this fascinating and tragic Tudor woman and Spanish princess is one of the most famous of the Tudor period.  The motto of the Catherine of Aragon is 'Hummble and Loyal".   -

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