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Albrecht Durer was the greatest German artist in the Middle Ages.  He was born on May 21, 1471.  He produced almost 1,000 drawings.  Most of all his art work has survived to this day.  He was a student at the Latin school of Saint Lawrence.  He spent much of his life in Nuremberg Germany.  He died on April 6, 1528.

Albrecht Durer

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Became the first German artist to have ever of gone to Italy.  He was not only a painter but a writer.  He made a woodcut called Four Horseman.  This woodcut is one of his most famous.  He was comissioned by the Holy Roman emporer Maximilian I.  He asked him to produce a massive woodcut of him.  The emperor was so pleased that he granted Durer an annual pension of 100 florins to be paid to Nuremberg.  In his later years of life he had an interest in science.  He then published a book on geometry. 

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Four Horseman

Four Horsemen

Study of Praying Hands

Study of Praying Hands

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