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WARNING! The following content causes blood, gore, seizures and graphic content. (Yes, that is bad.)

Beanie Boos HD is a video in which it depicts violence. The video was demonotiezed due to gory scenes of beanie boos getting killed. The cartoon based off the animation is called "My Little Beanie Boos: Friendship Is Toys." Characters -------- Baby Unicorn Magic Awsome Emi Elly Kiki Plot --------- The video starts off with Baby Unicorn running in the fields of Cuteword. The beanie boos are having a picnic in their castle. Magic sees Baby Unicorn and waves Hello to her. Unicorn Sparkle then brutally smashes Magic's head clean off. Awsome and Emi, with horrified faces seeing the murder. Unicorn then jumps up higher in the air and kills Awsome. Emi then gets punched by Unicorn. Elly flying, spots Baby Unicorn killing Emi. She then kicks her in the face. Unicorn then lays down on the ground. There is a Destroy-O-Meter that rises to "You're F-ed Up". She gets up and kills Emi with a beam of energy. Unicorn then kills Elly in a fashion way. Kiki sees her friend is dead and Unicorn hits her with the beam of energy. Unicorn then smiles, knowing that she killed the 5 beanie boos. However, Kiki pops out of the explosion and gives her a brutal beatdown. After Baby Unicorn smacks Kiki with the words, she faints. Unicorn then kills Kiki with the beam of energy. Kiki screams. Unicorn smiles one more time and the entire Cuteworld explodes with Baby Unicorn on top of the dead layer, knowing that she's still alive.

Beanie Boos HD


Music video, gore



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Elephant Productions

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  • This video was uploded on June 7, 2016.
  • It is one of the goriest videos ever made.
  • This is the only Elephant Productions video to have lyrics on the bottom of the screen.
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